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chicken_hawk 02-28-2019 06:22 PM

Gonna try a new split
So, being 45 and then some plus going single ply I was looking for a new split. I downloaded Blaine Sumners geared gorilla but it was a bit two much for me at this point in that you basically hit the big 3 two times a week. Honestly, I love the logic and progression but I am not ready for the frequency yet. The shirt and suit have added so much intensity and strain that sleep and recovery are being taxed at the moment. So, I will keep that in my pocket for now.

It looks like I will be modeling mine off Jimmy Kolb and benching on Monday and squatting on Tuesday. Wednesday off and he benches raw on Thur but I will do shoulders and light accessories then hit back Friday. He also only deadlifts every 3rd or 4th week so I will give that a whirl as well.


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