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I've used it quite a bit and have had to adjust all to how my body reacts.

Cycle Plan:
On two weeks off two weeks.

Day 1: .40ml
Day 2: .40ml
Day 3: .60ml
Day 4: .60ml
Day 5: .60ml
Day 6: .80ml (if too intense try 75ml)
Day 7: .80ml (if too intense try 75ml)
Day 8: .80ml (if too intense try 75ml)
Day 9: .80ml (if too intense try 75ml)
Day 10: .80ml (if too intense try 75ml)
Day 11: .60ml (tapering down is good- not always necessity)
Day 12: .60ml
Day 13: .60ml
Day 14: .40ml

This is an example- you can increase before or after the given days- depending on how your body handles it. Also don't take at night- early in the morning. It makes it hard to sleep because it increases your heart rate.

Make sure to do a lot of research!! That's my only hint of advice.
Good luck (:
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