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Stop binging

How To STOP Binging on The Weekend?

It’s fair to say most people have this struggle, i for one can hold my hand up and say this is my biggest challenge when it comes to staying on track.

And guess what, Im not perfect I have my moments but over the years I’ve learn some keys to reigning it in on the weekends, here’s a few of the tips I share.

1️⃣ BE PREPARED - The biggest reason for failing is failing to prepare (FOOD!). What happens when you have nothing healthy to eat? Well, the local take away or deliveroo makes for an easier option. Prepare some food on Thursday night to cover the weekend, you’ll be surprised how having a few meals ready to eat helps you make better decisions.

2️⃣ GET OUT - Sitting around at home is the fastest route to boredom and mindless strolls to the fridge and cupboard. Get outdoors, visit places, see people, do things that get you away from food.

3️⃣ MOVE YA BODY - Something strange happens when we exercise. For some reason it makes us want to eat healthy (most of the time) so start your Saturday and Sunday with some exercise or a walk to kick up your metabolism and get you feeling good.

4️⃣ STAY ACCOUNTABLE - Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean calories don’t count. Track your food and stay mindful of not just what you have but how much. This will help you stop turning a “cheat meal” into a “cheat weekend” and gaining 5 pounds.

5️⃣ GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION - The reason why most people binge is because they feel guilty and think “F it, I might as well carry on now” after eating one “bad” thing. Giving yourself permission means telling yourself that you’re allowed to have a meal out and a glass of wine. It means that you are in control of the decision and therefore can’t feel guilty for it. In turn that enjoyable meal or moment of gluttony stays right there and you continue on with your day as normal.

Hope this helps, TAG a friend below and leave a comment if you found this helpful.
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Good advice.
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