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Originally Posted by liftsiron View Post
I have used a lot of hgh and gear over the years but never used slin and my waist remains rather slim. I know a few local guys who used a lot of slin and are now older, it looks like they have had a basketball surgically implanted in their gut.
Yes, AAS and GH alone will not change the structure of the midsection. As Kluso also mentioned when one is in a hyper-caloric environment, and the wrong insulin's are used severe metabolic dysfunction will begin. And that does include both intra-abdominal fat accumulation, and fatty liver all leading to severe insulin resistance, and cardiovascular issues over time.

I have had the pleasure of consulting quite a few names in this industry, especially in the off season, and the ONLY three insulins I do recommend (if used) is Regular, NPH and Levemir.

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