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3 Day Full Body Workout for Tall Women

Below is a full body workout routine for tall girls. Tall, in this article, would be best described as 5’10 or taller. If you’re shorter than this, you are still more than welcome to give the program a shot if you like the layout and exercise selection.

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Full Body Workout Routine for Tall Women Overview
This workout is written with tall women lifters in mind. The exercise selection will reflect this.

The majority of the lifts will place you in favorable lifting positions based on your longer limbs. That means for lower body exercises, we’re moving the weight loads in front of the body, performing single leg work, and hip thrusting.

For upper body, we’re going to utilize grips that are easier on the shoulders to help you capitalize on your naturally increased range of motion and allow us to better build lean muscle.

Since one of the more common goals among women is to grow the glutes, a lot of emphasis will be placed on lower body work with glute accessory exercises at the end of each workout. If you have different goals, you are more than welcome to substitute this additional glute work for a muscle group you’d rather improve on.

No specific cardio recommendations have been made. Your primary focus should be executing all of your weight-based workouts in a week and improving upon the weight you use for each exercise whenever possible.

After you’re able to do this consistently, you can add in cardio-based on your individual needs and goals. I would recommend low-intensity cardio on your rest days to increase blood flow and improve your recovery while also increasing your weekly caloric expenditure.

Rest periods will be highly individualized. There’s no set amount of time prescribed within this routine. Rest as needed to fully recover before performing your next set. On your accessory glute work, you may want to limit rest to 30-45 seconds to really increase the burn. For all other exercises, it is really up to your discretion.

No direct abdominal work is included in this workout – however, you may add some depending on your goals. A stronger core may require additional focused core stability work. Visible abdominals, however, requires genetics and attention to detail when it comes to nutrition to accomplish.

Day 1: Full Body Workout for Tall Women
Exercise Sets Reps
Front Squat or Safety Bar Squat 4 8
Dumbbell Stiff Legged Deadlift 3 10
Dumbbell Step Up 2 12-15 Each
Standing Military Press 4 12
Dumbbell Bent Over Row 4 12
Banded Hip Abduction 3 25
Bodyweight Glute Bridge 3 30
Day 2: Full Body Workout for Tall Women
Exercise Sets Reps
Trap Bar Deadlift 4 8
Goblet Squat 3 10
Neutral Grip Bench Press 3 10
Neutral Grip Pull Down 3 10
Neutral Grip Cable Row 3 10
Bodyweight Walking Lunge 3 25-30 Each
Kettlebell Swing or Plie Squat 3 30
Day 3: Full Body Workout for Tall Women
Exercise Sets Reps
Barbell Hip Thrust 4 8
Bulgarian Split Squat 3 10 Each
Cable Face Pull 3 10
Wide Grip Inverted Row 3 10
Push Up 3 10*
Hyperextensions 3 15+
Banded Glute Bridge 3 20
*If you can perform 10 reps easily, perform each set to failure.
+Progress with this exercise until you are able to perform 25 bodyweight reps easily, then begin utilizing weight.

Full Body Workout for Tall Women Notes
The full body workouts for tall girls can used for 8-12 weeks. You will perform the same workouts weekly and try to improve upon your strength levels when able during that timeframe.

Afterwards, you’re more than welcome to stick to the program if you’re still seeing results and enjoying it. You may also tinker with the exercises listed to make slight alterations, but a relatively similar workout scheme.

As you progress, however, your goals may change. You may want to break your workouts into an upper/lower split or push, pull, legs split to allow yourself the opportunity to include more volume for other muscle groups.

That’s completely fine and a good long-term goal. We will aim to add workouts that accommodate those styles of training in the coming months. In the meantime, enjoy the full body workouts.
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