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Dorian Yates’ Super League

I don't know the source of this article.

Dorian Yates’ Super League Could Be The Future of Bodybuilding

Dorian Yates is making a re-entry into the sport of bodybuilding, but not as you would imagine. We’ve seen legends like Kevin Levrone and Flex Wheeler making their returns to competitive bodybuilding and it seems that Yates is following suit, however, not in the form of a competitor but more like that of a promoter.

Yates teamed up with and Nike to birth a new form of competitive “bodybuilding”—if we can call it that—that started Super League.

Dorian Yates’ Super League is a new form of competition that leaves out the posing and instead, competitors are required to perform exercises. It’s almost like a strongman event, except for the fact that aesthetics and body composition come into play. With this competition, there are only two rounds; Output Quotient and The Deltas.

Round 1: Output Quotient

In the first round, competitors are required to perform eight exercises, each totaling at 12 reps for maximum weight. Meaning, each competitor needs to perform 12 reps with the heaviest weight they can handle that amount of reps.

If they are unable to perform 12 reps, they won’t be scored as high.

The way that the scoring system is set up, is that each competitor is scored based on the most number of reps they performed out of 12, multiplied by the weight they lifted and divided by their body weight.

The exercises that each competitor will perform are as follows:

Leg extensions
Rack deadlifts
Dumbbell curls
Chest flyes
Military press

As you can see, these are pretty basic exercises that every gym bro performs on a regular basis — except perhaps for squats.
Round 2: The Deltas

In the second round of Dorian Yates’ Super League, bodybuilding gets a little more limelight than it did in round one. In the competition, 3DX Technology will be used to measure the competitors’ bodies; chest, arms, thighs, calves for men and hips for women.

The reason for utilizing this technology in the competition is because it will be able to provide a more accurate ratio for each competitor; upper body to lower body ratio, upper body to wrist ratio, lower body to waist ratio.

These ratios will then be added together and combined with the scores of the Output Quotient to provide a final score.

The first Super League will be held in Las Vegas on the 29th of July next month and will feature guest athletes such as CT Fletcher, Rich Piana, Joey Swole, Kris Gethin, and Larissa Reis. Super League will be streamed on

Unlike the Mr. Olympia, Super League will be open for anyone to compete at with the possibility of obtaining a “pro card” in the event.

Do you think that this will be an event that could grow into something as big as the Olympia or Arnold Classic, or do you think that it will fade away with time? Let us know.
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